My love is your light - By H.L.Rippingale and David Sudsey

My love is your light - By H.L.Rippingale and David Sudsey

Don't you see I am not what you see?
I am not the person you want me to be!

All I think about all day is getting just one glimpse of you,
You walk like a dream of Angels in a scented morning dew

I walk alone in darkness in a mist, inside I do not live!
I look lovable but I have none to give

Just open your Heart you have freedom inside,
Let my words be your thoughts, my love be your guide

Maybe I don't want to be guided, I have be come comfortable lost
For I was stolen leaving me cold as frost

I do not want to change you as I love who you are
You feel close to me, but I know you're so far

How can you love me when I don't even know who I am
You are good to me but I don't deserve a kind loving man

You deserve a heartbeat and a hand to hold at night
please come out of the mist and into the light

I like being lost and empty I feel no pain
I don't want to feel those tears like rain!

Then I will leave you alone with your choice
My Heart is yours..but you don't hear my voice

I hold myself back from love
Maybe it's time to let go and fly on the wings of this dove .

© 2009 - 2010 H Rippingale

Walk alone

Walk alone

The sky is white, the floor is white; there is nothing around in my site

I was standing here when I awoke; how did I even get here, is this a joke?

I walk alone in silence with no one to depend; I walk in the snow for days on end

I came to realise this was life; a long cold journey I had to walk alone and survive

The blankness is space for me to fill in and create; a picture of what I allow, there is no fate!

I rely on me, I design my path; I say this with a knowing laugh.

© 2009 - 2010 H Rippingale

You're killing me for that!

You're killing me for that!

Mother I am in your womb and you are already trying to put me in a tomb!

Why are you poisoning me with that drink and smoke? How do you think it effect's me when it makes you choke? And you think its fare when you snort that coke? Fix up mum, you're a joke!

I didn't ask to be here you created me, you're not ready for me don't you see!

How can you teach me how to behave when you don't even know how to, your more interested in going to that rave! We are both heading for an early grave, this is your fault, I'm your baby please try and save!

You fall in love with the boys, they look like men but they treat woman like toys!

Why didn't you wait! I want to be here but not like this but now it's too late!

You starved my brain of oxygen and didn't treat me right, now I will grow with learning difficulties and being healthy is going to be a fight! All because you wanted fun on that night!

I am in your womb; it may as well be my tomb

I love you mum, don't you love me? This isn't how it's supposed to be

Remember you damaged my health; you did that all by yourself!

© 2009 - 2010 H Rippingale

The Last Leaf

The last leaf

by When The Mist Has Gone

Sometimes I feel lonely as the last leaf on a winter’s tree
But that gives me space to do anything as I am wild and free
Now not many people can understand how loneliness can be fun
But I understand because at this I am number one
Yes number one at being the funniest
At making my egg the runniest
I can watch TV at 4am
Friends can visit when ever around the clock like big Ben
I can sleep in when I feel
I can play on games living a life that’s unreal
And I do get lonely every here and there
But I have my beer and my favourite arm chair
I can eat as I please
I can wipe my snot on my sleeve when I sneeze
I can do many things without restriction
Lonely is a blessing in its own condition
I am free as the last leaf on the tree
Now don’t you wish you were lonely like me?

© 2010 H Rippingale

Devils Juice

Devils juice

My dad always said drink is the devils juice
But I never listened so I let the lid loose

Three years and everyday dizzy as can be
Who was right? Was it my daddy or me?
I stopped for a year or two but still I can’t drink
One drop on my tongue then it is all I can think
Hooked because at a young age I was dependent
I thought I could handle it and I was independent
But now I know better that my daddy was right
I thought he was a kill joy and we ended up having a fight

My daddy always said drink is the devils juice
I still struggle trying not to let the bottle loose

Now my sides ache on just the single little drop
My eyes go yellow and I never know when to stop
It started off just for fun and getting crazy with my friend
I never thought it would take over and one day may even be my end

My daddy always said drink is like the devils juice
Now I know I must stop because it will become my noose.

©2010 ~HayleyRippingale

Drink Driving

Drink driving

That risk you take is a life you take

Drink and drive, that person is no longer alive
You were feeling great but now you struggled to break
"But I only had five, it was a small drive!"
Tell that to the body that is lying still, blood pouring out, tell the family and see how they feel
"I didn't think this would happen to me, I thought I'd be okay, I could see!"
You got behind the wheel, are you that thick! People like you make me sick!
Rules are there for a reason; please remember that, it doesn't matter about the season.
Use your brain then that body won’t be there, blood streaming down the drain while you try to remain calm because you didn't mean to cause harm but you did, a feeling of guilt for life you won’t get rid
Don't drink and drive to keep yourself and others alive!

© 2009 - 2010 H Rippingale

It's Time

It's Time!

I have been dragged; misled through the brambles of his deceiving way

I'm lost blind; cold in darkness in hope just for one ray

To you I will be as a wife; honorable, loving, dedicated, faithful and kind

Please Lord I won't allow you to leave my mind

From your path and knowledge I won't be tempted to stray

For your forgiveness and love to fall upon me I truly beg as I pray

I won't leave you again as I have seen the wickedness of the mighty fearsome dragon which hurled from the sky

Don't leave me without my wings for I without you father will fade to the shadows and die

Bring me back to where I began and belong

I've lived without living and understand all the ways that are wrong

It's time to put an end to this beast which brings shame

It's time for your children to make the demons return but bound with fires of chain

He has tried all the unwritten with all the games that he did play

Every trick has been done; it is time for their judgment day!

© 2011 H Rippingale